Friday, November 7, 2008


Here is the little sock monkey I am making. The first two pictures show it in progress. Actually, it's not a "sock" monkey at all, because it's not made with a sock, but with a striped cotton sweater. By the way, upcycled is a urban fancy term that I rather like. It's the process of converting a material or object into something of similar or greater value, thereby giving it a second life. (10/08). This little cutie is only about 6" high.

Reversible child-sized apron
I love brown and pink together, and this little apron came out so cute. It's reversible too. I gave it to a wee friend on her 2nd birthday. I modified the neck piece so it attaches with velcro (to accomodate a head of curly hair), as it doesn't need to go over her head. 10/08

Felt Gingerbread Man Magnets

I just finished these little cuties. I've just made a bunch more that are smaller (3") but in a lighter color. They are so fun. I made them running as opposed to just standing around (run run away!). These will get listed in my Etsy shop this weekend.