Friday, November 14, 2014

Mini Quilt - Snack Mat
I created this small mug rug for my office so I can eat snacks at work without making too many crumbs. This was a quick project created from two 6" squares of linen that were upcycled from an old shirt. I sandwiched the two pieces (back is a pale apple green color) between a layer of cotton batting. I sewed around the perimeter, leaving a 3" space unsewn, folded the piece right side out, and pushed out the corners. The piece was ironed flat and then topstitched around the edge. 

Each row of stitching was done with 2-4 strands of different colored embroidery thread. I wanted the finished look to be varied and look hand done. The patterns are tree bark like with some wiggles and swirls. 
The overall effect is bumpy and colorful!