Friday, July 16, 2010

Wood Pond Designs new world headquarters

We just finished unpacking from our household move. We were lucky enough to have a moving company who did all the heavy lifting. Now that the majority of the boxes are unpacked and things put in their new homes, I've had a chance to set up a spare bedroom for sewing and crafting. We've been calling it Wood Pond Designs New World Headquarters!

I love WPD new digs - it's a small bedroom on the 2nd floor of the house with two big windows side by side that overlook the backyard with several towering White Pine trees, a smaller Maple and a backyard filled with birds, gray squirrels, and chipmunks. Plus I can see the kids playing in the yard. Though usually, they are lurking around wanting to help create things.

In our other house, my crafting area was in the unfinished part of the daylight basement. It had concrete floors and even with the sunny windows, it was cold and always lacked a nice comfy feeling. However, it did have tons of space.

That in part was due to a HUGE table that my husband built. The top is an entire sheet of plywood (8 feet by 4 feet), that has been sanded and attached to sturdy 2x4 base. He built it so he could set up the race car track to play on, but then when I needed a work space, I commandeered it, much to the disappointment of my 5-year old son, who reminds me often that I 'stole' it from him!

The table takes up half the room, but it holds everything. There is plenty of space to spread things out and leave a mess (which I am prone to do, but try not to in the rest of the house to keep life harmonious). I have my sewing machine and bins of projects on one side along with little organizing bins for thread, needles, etc. and then I have my cutting mat on the other side with my laptop sometimes at one end (and the rest of the time, I drag it around the house). I have a small bureau where I store all my fabric (there's a lot!), and a closet for inventory. There are also several plastic storage bins with pull out drawers which are great for keeping stuff under the table.

The only draw back is the room is completely white, with white trim, and a shade, but no curtains. Unfortunately, I can't paint and I am a bit restricted to hanging too much on the walls, so I am thinking of fun ways to dress the room up with color. It's a mess at present, or I'd share a picture (maybe later). Also, I have my ironing board permanently set up, since I use it constantly while I'm sewing.

Here are some new projects I've created in the past week, since I got set up:

Now I just need a sign on the door! Here are some that might work:

A fun shabby chic sign from The Back Porch Shoppe:

Or maybe I'd customize one similar to this funny Man Cave sign from Go Jump In The Lake's Shop:

Until next time, happy crafting to you!

Jennifer -