Monday, May 31, 2010

Random assortment of forgotten and unfinished projects.

I love to create, and I love to create something new and exciting. I have loads of ideas. Sometimes, however, I start making something, loose interest, move on to something else and forget all about that cool new project. I found a bunch of these unfinished goodies just the other day.

I went looking for something in one of my storage bins, and found a random assortment of half finished and forgotten projects. I have quite a few of those sturdy blue totes - one with patterns and misc. sewing stuff, and one for Jumble Balls, another for plush critters and bunny rattles, and yet another with all my wool for making sweater critters, etc. In my search, I ended up finding a whole host of other things - mostly half-finished projects. I got a pile of stuff out and decided to see if I could finish them up and decide what to do with them.

I found a bunch of bottlecap pin cushions that I made last winter. These are a ton of fun to make and I gave a bunch as gifts. All you need is a bottle cap from a soda bottle, some scraps of fleece, embroidery floss, and a tiny bit of filling. It's a great way to work on your embroidery skills. I has some in my Etsy shop, but they weren't great sellers so I just let them expire. Now I have them hanging around. Maybe I should do a give-a-way.

I had a custom order a while back to create a passport case for a European Passport. The size was just a bit different from a US Passport, so I had to modify the pattern. I ended up with a few extra's and now I can't remember if these are the standard or European size! I'm trying to figure out if they can be used for something else, like to hold an mp3 player. Here are a few that are the correct size! The batik fabric are brand new and I thought they would be great for Dad's on Father's Day, graduates and teacher appreciate gifts as they are more masculine than the others I've made.

Then I found some little totes I made. I was teaching myself how to create a lining that could be folded over the top. One of these I now use as a bin for my fabric marking pens and other little essentials on my sewing table. They are a little bit wonky and uneven, but still usable. Not sure what to do with these either!

I also found these nifty sweater blocks I made. I cut 6 squares from upcycled felted sweaters and then sewed them together. I put a jingle bell inside one of them, but the sound is muffled from the stuffing, but the other one has a rattle inside and it sounds just fine. I was thinking if I put the jingle bell inside of something else, maybe a film canister (do those still exist?), or some other small washable container. I have a ton of beautiful and amazingly soft cashmere that I could use to make more of these. They would look really cute with little appliqued shapes.

Then there tons of Plush Fishes. I have been modifying my original pattern, and here are a few of the latest ones.

Last but not least is this very cool silver fabric plush robot. He doesn't have a face yet, but I created the pink satin heart and my 5 year old decided he should be called 'love bot'.

Maybe I'll force myself to finish some of these projects before I create anything else new and exciting. Good luck with that....