Sunday, February 7, 2016

Upholstery Fabric Sample Projects

Here are some totes, drawstring bags and zipper pouches I've made recently. Most of these totes will be donated to The Bag Share Project (the first one I may keep it came out so nice!).

This tote has long shoulder length handles and is made from two contrasting fabrics in gray cotton canvas on the bottom and a green linen/cotton blend on the top

Drawstring bags are so fun and quick to sew and are perfect for small fabric samples. These were created by turning the top right and left sides in slightly at an angle- about 1/4" on each side, sewing down, and then folding the top down about 2 inches and sewing in place to create a channel. Then the fabric is folded in half and sew down the side and bottom. I may make more of these in a variety of sizes with a sheer fabric to use for bulk food (rice, oats, etc). Here's a quick drawstring pouch tutorial.

These zipper pouches will be gifts for some friends. These fabric samples are so pretty and have a nice texture. The reverse side of the fabric is equally pretty so they didn't need to be lined. These were finished with some awesome metal zippers from the 1950's which came in these tiny round plastic containers. .

 Some more basic zipper pouches.....

This is a Bag Share bag created from four fabric samples so each side has different fabrics. I made the bag shaped (narrow on top) and used a nylon conference lanyard for the handle.
 Here is the reverse side - such fun!
Here is another tote made with sample upholstery fabric with handles made from a belt I purchased from Good Will for .50. The belt handles are cream on one side and pink on the other which pairs nicely with the soft pink in the rose fabric.

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