Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bare Winter Trees

I love to browse around Etsy looking for items to my favorites. If I had more time, I would take the time to create a lovely treasury. I started my search by looking for Garnet jewelry. My birthday is coming up this month, and garnet is my birthstone. In my search I found lots of pretty things, but several tree or branch items caught my eye.

First I went looking for items with garnets and found this stunning necklace.

Deep Roots-- Tree Of Life Pendant Necklace by

Then I found these lovely earrings by

This is a very popular Etsy Seller, and for good reason, what an adorable little owl peeking out from this hollow tree:

Little owl in a tree in all silver by

As my search continued, I seemed to find more items with branches, trees, and twigs and my search expanded to other items. These lovely dishtowels are so pretty and wintery.

Dishtowels-Elf Trees in Red and Brown by

Bare tree tote bag by
Branch Pillows- 2 Covers Included- 16 x 16 inches- Eco Friendly by

Winter Tree Letterpress Greeting Card by

Lastly, I made this small passport wallet out of a simple, yet beautiful twig fabric called 'Twiggy' from Moda by Sanae

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