Monday, February 15, 2010

Handmade Gifts for Mama's and their babies with The Etsy Baby Shower 2010

Etsy is a wonderful community of handmade sellers, many of whom are also moms/parents. So, last fall when I heard about the Etsy Baby Shower, where a variety of shops donate their handmade items to new mommies, I signed on. I thought it would be fun to help shower the new moms with gifts and at the same time get some valuable promoting for my shop and meet some other shop owners. After donating in the fall, I thought I would participate again for the Winter 2010 event. There have been Etsy Forums chats and also a Flickr group started so we can share pictures not only of the donated items, but eventually the babies with their gifts.

The Etsy Baby Shower started a few years ago and is currently organized by two shop owners, Jessica of BuggaLove and Deniz of DecorativeLabels. They both make the event really fun.

You might be wondering how these lucky moms were chosen. Moms are nominated on Etsy Baby Shower's blog. The event takes place several times a year, and nominations can be submitted as soon as April for the next Shower. If you are interested in nominating a mom-to-be, you can find the information on the blog. Additionally, there are some wonderful write ups about each of the donating shops and a complete list with links.

Each mom is matched up with several shops, so they are able to get a variety of lovely handmade gifts. The baby pictures and birth announcements are just now starting to roll in and it's so wonderful to see the wee babies!

For the Winter 2010 Shower, Wood Pond Designs donated a High Contrast Black Red and White Jumble Ball and a very popular Upcycled Wool Baby Bunny Rattle.

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