Monday, April 19, 2010

Ruffle Pillow Project and Ruffle T-Shirt

I've had some fantastically soft organic cotton jersey knit scraps hanging around my fabric stash for quite a while. So this weekend, I decided to try some new projects. I saw a ruffled purse that was pretty cool, and it seems that ruffles are showing up on everything this spring, including some really cute cardigan sweaters and t-shirts.

I used the sumptuous organic cotton knit, which is a nice bright white and paired it with some durable khaki colored cotton canvas. Together they made a great stark contrast, both in the colors and the feel of the fabric. I cut 2" wide strips of the jersey fabric so that it stretched the long way (length of strips). I left the edges raw.

For the pillow front, I cut one 17" x 17" square from the canvas. Because canvas tends to unravel along the edges, I did a zig-zag stitch along all 4 edges before moving forward. Then I cut the two pieces for the back and set them aside.
I marked lines on the pillow front to indicate where I wanted to sew the ruffles. I attached the ruffles free hand because I didn't want them to look too perfectly even. They came out great! I loved the first pillow so much, I made another. One pillow has diagonal ruffles and the other the ruffles run vertically (though you could set the pillow either way).

After my daughter saw the pillows she wanted to know if I could add ruffles to other things. In an instant, she dashed to her room and returned with a plain white t-shirt. She wanted me to attach some ruffles to the front. It was one she's almost outgrown and it had some stains on the front, so I figured we had nothing to loose if she didn't like it. She picked out the colors she wanted from the scraps I have and in just a little while, she had a totally updates shirt, which she now loves!
What comes next? Well, MORE RUFFLES of course! Stayed tuned for more fun projects.

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